Military family

To remember those who served.

Direct ancestors

Thomas Ferrell, killed during the Civil War. Father of Catfish Jim.

William Slusser, killed during the Civil War at the Battle of Vicksburg. His brother Christopher was also killed during the war, roughly ten days before William.

Michael Ringer, served during the Revolutionary War.

Jacob Minerd, Sarah Minor’s great grandfather. Revolutionary War, Berks County Militia.



Gary Seymour, son in law of Arthur and Kathryn Ferrell – US Air Force

James Evers, son in law of Arthur and Kathryn Ferrell –  US Army

Donald E Davis, husband of Joanne Ferrell, daughter of Paul Ferrell. US Army.

Sgt Ronald Lee Poland, stepson of Ruth Ferrell. Died at Vietnam. OHIO SGT Co B 26 Engineer Bn Vietnam BSM ARCOM-PH

Frederick Slusser – US Navy, WWII

Franklin George “Mickey” Slusser – WWII, Vietnam, Korea

Uncle Mickey’s grandson, Shannon Mikeska, US Navy.

James Edward Schwab, husband of Vera Ferrell, US Army. Served in WWII.

Larry McFarland, husband of Virginia Slusser, US Navy.

Lester Joseph Monter, husband of Burdella Emily Bandy, daughter of Estella May Slusser, George Franklin Slusser’s sister. US Army, WWII.

Thomas Calvin Bandy, son of Estella May Slusser. US Army, WWII.

Ernest Wilson Slusser, son of William Harrison Slusser, George Franklin Slusser’s brother. US Army, WWII.

Campbell G Snowden, husband of Lois Ann Slusser, daughter of William Harrison Slusser. US Army, WWII

Guy Allott Slusser Senior, brother of George Franklin Slusser. Private, US Army, WWI.

Guy Allott Slusser Junior. Private, US Army, WWII.

Harvey Pierce Appler, husband of Berths Viola Slusser, sister of George Franklin Slusser. US Marine, WWI

James Adolphus Muhleman, grandson of Katharina Zumkehr. CSM US Army, WWII.

Vernon John Zumkehr, son of John Elmer Zumkehr, son of Emmanuel Frederick Zumkehr. US Army, WWII.

Wendell Frederick Zumkehr, son of Frederick Emill Albert Zumkehr, son of Emmanuel Frederick Zumkehr. US Navy, WWII.

Heather Williams Chandler, granddaughter of Wendell Frederick Zumkehr. US Marine.

Charles D. Ferrell, brother of Catfish Jim. Civil War Veteran. Company K, 69th OVI

John K.P. Ferrell, brother of Catfish Jim. Civil War. Company A, 51st OVI

Howard D. Bell, son of Mary Jane Ferrell, sister of Catfish Jim. Spanish American War Veteran, Co. M, 9th. Ohio Vol. Infantry.

Issac S Bell, son of Howard Bell. He served in WWII, 1st Lieutenant US Army, 355 Engineer general service regiment, infantry.

William Clyde Hibbs, grandson of David M. Ferrell, brother of Catfish Jim. US Army, WWI.

Damon H. Postel, great grandson of David M. Ferrell. US Army, WWII.

Ronald V. Morgan, great grandson of David M. Ferrell. US Army, WWII.

Charles A. Hilliker, great grandson of James B Fisher. Served during WWII.

Harry A Johnson, grandson of Abraham Johnson. Served during WWII.

Robert B Pearch, great grandson of Abraham Johnson. US Army, WWII.

Melvin Snyder, grandson of Eliza Ringer Slusser Snider. WWI.

Gordon Ball, great grandson of Eliza Ringer Slusser Snider. MM US Navy, WWII.

James H Goldsmith, stepson of Atlee Snider, Eliza’s son. Tec 5 US Army, WWII. Purple Heart.

Calvin Snyder, son of Atlee. He served in 1951 and his death file is on record with the US Department of Veterans but I could find no further information.

Atlee Snyder, Jr. US Army, WWII.

Homer Newhouse Jr., half brother of Violet Newhouse, granddaughter of Mary Alice Munk, daughter of George Munk.

Thomas Custer, killed at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Edward Monson, great grandson of Abraham Zumkehr, father of Emmanuel Frederick Zumkehr. Tec 3 1880 Engr Avn Bn WWII

Basil B Mitchell, husband of Mozelle Monson, daughter of Edward Monson. US Army, WWII.

Gordon R Stutesman, husband of Mozelle Monson. US Army, WWII.

Craig Gordon Mitchell, son of Basil B. Mitchell. Master Sergeant.

Rudolf G Mulz, grandson of Johannes Zumkehr, brother of Abraham. US Army, WWII.

Chester M. Gonter, husband of Margaret Slusser, daughter of Ida Moser Slusser. US Army, WWII

Donald Clyde Shoemaker, husband of Betty Jane Slusser (Moser Zumkehr line). US Army, WWII.

Charles Edward Leuenberger, son of Anna Mary Moser. US Navy, WWII.