Emmanuel Frederick Zumkehr and Susannah Katharina Werren

My second great grandparent < Lillian Zumkehr Slusser < Kathryn Slusser Ferrell

Excerpt from Family History of Abraham Zumkehr (1812-1894):

“Abraham Zumkehr married for the third time to Anna Susanna Holzer in approximately 1867. She was 36 years younger than Abraham. Six children were born to them. The first two, Christian and Johannes, never came to America. They married and remained in Switzerland.

Emmanuel Fredrich (Fred) came on his own to America sometime before 1893. Here he married Katharine Warren and bought a farm in Maximo, Ohio. Fred wrote to his mother and three remaining children of how wonderful America was and pleaded for them to come live with him. Their father, Abraham, had now died and was buried in Bern, Switzerland. They came, arriving in 1897. Abraham Jr. and Peter soon made homes of their own.

Anna Susanna and Margareth stayed with Fred for a few months. Margareth was soon asked by a man to come and be his housekeeper. His name was Christian Moser, he had came to America from Switzerland himself and had just bought a farm on Salem Church Road in Alliance, Ohio. Margareth’s reply was, “Yes, I will come if I can bring my mother, she also needs a home.” The two moved in with Christian, one thing led to another and Margareth and Christian were married on May 11, 1897. Anna Susanna remained with them until her death in 1913, and was buried in Alliance City Cemetery.”


Lillian Zumkehr Slusser, Emmanuel Frederick Zumkehr, Laura Zumkehr Sluss. Taken in the 1960s in Canton, Ohio.

Emmanuel Frederick Zumkehr was born December 15, 1870 in Switzerland, and died October 29, 1957 in Canton, Stark, Ohio, US. He was buried on November 1, 1957 at Fairmount Memorial Cemetery, Stark, Ohio, US. As so often happens with German families, he appears to have gone by Fred or another variant of the name for at least most of his life. He married Katharina Warren on September 1893. As mentioned previously, his parents were Abraham Zumkehr and Anna Susanna Holzer.

Fred Zumkehr was a farmer. He immigrated to the US in 1890 and became a US citizen in 1896, according to the 1920 US Census records. Katharina immigrated in 1891 or 1892. The records states they were both able to read and write, though their native tongue of course was German. As of 1900, Katharina was unable to speak English. She was a homemaker.

Of note, in 1900 a servant by the name of Louisa Knory, age 22, of Switzerland was living with the family, along with a Bertha Knory of Nebraska who was age 4.


Susanna Katharina Werren was born January 13, 1871 in Diemtigen, Bern, Switzerland. Family records state she was born on the 12th of January, but her baptism record states it was the 13th. She died May 9, 1938, and buried May 12, 1938 at Fairmount Cemetery, Stark, Ohio, US. Her parents were Johannes Werren and Magdalena Widmer. As far as I have seen, she also always went by her middle name or some variant of. Her maiden name appears to have been Americanized once she immigrated, and changed from Werren to Warren.

Katharina was previously married to John Muehleman (born 1860) on January 30, 1892, but he died that year. They had one son, John Edward. It is on Edward’s birth record which her name is seen as Werren. Edward was born October 1, 1892 in Alliance, Stark, Ohio, and he worked as a bricklayer. He married Ada K Woollard (1904-1990) and they had one son, James Adolphus Muhleman (1926-2000.) James was a CSM in the US Army, and served during WWII.


Children of Fred and Katharina Zumkehr were:

(note: I have left out some details and information in regards to the living.)


  1. John Elmer Zumkehr, as far as I know always went by Elmer, I would presume to avoid confusion with his half brother. The story I remember the most about him was his habit of eating pie for breakfast every morning. He was a farmer. On his WWII draft record, he was 5’8″, 150 pounds with grey hair and grey eyes and light complexion. On the WWI draft record, his hair was brown. Of note, he claimed to be exempt from service during the WWI draft because he supported a family, and he also mentioned having weak eyes. Elmer was born December 8, 1893 and his birth certificate incorrectly names his mother as Kate Muchlmoran, while the family name was spelled Zumkeher. His birth certificate is for Stark County, but his death certificate states his place of birth was Carroll County. He died August 6, 1992.On December 16, 1914 he married Elsie Lorena Immel (October 7, 1892 – July 28, 1977, daughter of John and Clarinda Ellen Weaver Immel.) They had one son, Vernon John Zumkehr, born June 3, 1919 in Louisville, Ohio and died 14 October 1996. Vernon served in the US Army during WWII, had 2 years of college education and worked in heath services. He married Margaret Mae Mowey (December 9, 1916, Lexington, Richland, Ohio, daughter of William and Verda Fry Mowey) on June 22, 1940 in Smithville, Ohio. They had one daughter, Kathryn Louise Zumkehr born in Canton, Ohio. She married Donald Keith Meade of Canada, on March 13, 1965. Their children: Eric Steven Meade and Melissa Lin Meade.elmerzumkehr
  2. William Frederick Zumkehr was born March 13, 1895 and died September 29, 1966 (family records state he died on the 28, death certificate states it was the 29.) He was an insurance broker. He was married twice. First to Ruby Speidel. Secondly, to Hulda Hellfritch (March 13, 1898, Missouri – 31 Jul 1979, Alliance, Ohio) whom he married on June 23, 1934 and had two children:
    • William Robert Zumkehr was born November 7, 1935 in Alliance, Ohio.
    • Barbara Ann Zumkehr was born January 23, 1937 but died on February 17, 1937 due to an embolism caused by a sinus infection.
  3. Frederick Emill Albert Zumkehr was born October 21, 1897 and died May 15, 1984.  On August 12, 1920 he married Lucille Gladys Egger (November 27, 1903 – September 24, 1987, daughter of Charles and Ceceila.)albertzumkehrTheir children:
      • Ruth Virginia Zumkehr born June 5, 1920, died April 4, 1928.

      • Edward Albert Zumkehr born March 27, 1922 in Louisville. He never married.

      • John LaMar Zumkehr born September 22, 1926, married first Mary Izilla Sterling (April 1, 1928) on September 10, 1949 in Pittsburgh, PA, US. They had two children, Kevin E. Zumkehr and Suzan A. Zumkehr. Second, he married Patricia Ann Haught on December 29, 1985.

      • Martha Lucille Zumkehr born September 3, 1928, married George Edward Mani (May 23, 1927, son of John and Ida Mae Lentz Mani) on May 28, 1949. They had two children, Janet R. Mani and Robert A. Mani, and at least 4 grand children.

      • Baby Zumkehr born October 18, 1932. Died October 18, 1932.

      • Charles Eugene Zumkehr born July 26, 1938 married Phyllis Donley (May 2, 1939 of Cleveland, Ohio, daughter of Phillip and Ellenor) on January 30, 1960 in Canton, Ohio. They had one daughter, Jennifer L. McCarthy, and one son, Chad P. Zumkehr.

      • Wendell Frederick Zumkehr’s obituary:792092_web_obit-wendell-zumkehr-pic-for-obitweb_20141202

        LIMA — Wendell F. Zumkehr, aged 89, was called Home by his Lord and Savior, 29 Nov 2014, at St Rita’s Medical Center (Lima, Ohio). He was born 17 Dec 1924 in Louisville, Ohio, to the late Albert F. Zumkehr and Gladys Lucille Egger. On 10 May 1952, Wendell married THE Irish Rose of Philadelphia, Shirley Stickel, who survives (edit: Shirley passed January 19, 2016, Lima, Ohio.)

        As a child, Wendell’s love for music began when his Dad bought him a clarinet. He played in his school band, but also in the family church orchestra. He had an interest in science. He enjoyed performing chemical experiments in the basement of their home, explaining that in those days, all a kid had to do was ask the pharmacist for various compounds. And he loved spending time with his Grandma Egger who fortunately lived quite close. Wendell often said that Shirley was just like his Grandma Egger.

        He graduated from Louisville High School in 1942, and then went on to graduate from the Canton Actuary School, 1943. On 09 Aug 1943, he received an order for induction into World War II. He often tells the story how God moved him into the Navy line at the recruiting center, even though he didn’t know how to swim. He served the US Navy on the supply ship USS Laertes in the Pacific Theater. On 24 May 1946, Wendell was honorably discharged from the US Navy. He would later retire from the Naval Reserve after thirty years, as a Lieutenant Commander.

        After the Navy, he attended the University of Pennsylvania. His Mom encouraged him to apply, as he didn’t think he was smart enough. But Wendell did graduate from the prestigious Wharton School of Business with a degree in business, and a minor in finance. While in Philadelphia he met the love of his life, his Irish Rose, Shirley. After they were married, the newly wed couple moved to Lima as Wendell took a treasurer position with Nickles Bakery.

        While working for Nickles Bakery, Wendell joined Kiwanis and played clarinet in their band at the Elks. He greatly enjoyed being in music. He also met a man Bob Rhoades who told Wendell the plan of salvation, and he accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior. He wanted to share the gospel with as many people as possible. Thus, Wendell joined the Gideons International, giving out tens of thousands of Bibles. He went in to all of the area elementary schools, and gave out New Testaments. He started meeting every draft call and gave each of our military personnel a New Testament before deployment. He helped start the Gideon prison ministry, going out to our area prisons and sharing God’s message. He was very faithful to all of these ministries. He also spoke at hundreds of churches in our area, and surrounding areas. Wendell & Shirley had belonged to Calvary Bible Church for many years.

        Still while working for the Bakery, Wendell also worked in the evenings for Wagner & Hauenstein a local construction company. He was given the finance role once again. He believed in the company so much, he had them build his present house. And he had them build it during the winter, when the work was slow, to ensure the employees had enough work. Wendell was an extremely hard worker. He provided well for his family.

        After working at Nickles Bakery, Wendell worked with Leo & Henry Hawk, at Superior Metal Products. The company grew immensely while Wendell was there. He again had a business/finance type of position, and again, he excelled. One thing was becoming known for sure-it was his way or the highway! He was very particular about everything he did, and was quite proficient in his field. Wendell enjoyed the challenge of Superior Metal Products, and was quite disheartened when it was time to retire.

        During his time at Superior Metal Products, he began finding other bands to play in, to use his abilities with the clarinet. He joined the Lima Area Concert Band. He and some friends started a band, The Fab Five. Another band he enjoyed was the Hallelujah Saints band, and he also played many years in various Senior Citizens Band. The last few years, Wendell was still playing in The Fab Five, and The Hallelujah Saints band. On Friday, 28 Nov 2014, he played at a concert at the mall! His favorite songs were the old love songs. He really loved “My Wild Irish Rose” because his Shirley is Irish. He absolutely loved his music. It was a great outlet for him, and he met a few wonderful, lifelong friends, like the Lawrence family, and Wally Jones.

        Retirement didn’t sit well for Wendell. Opportunities for Gideon Bible placements were slowly closing at the schools.
        He tried a job here or there, J.B. Tool. It had to be just right for retirement. Then he met Burt Rubens. He worked at HCF for many years, once again in a business/finance role. He seemed to enjoy the work and he would be employed there until age 74! He helped set up various programs in the nursing homes, like the nursing home pharmacy.

        The most difficult job Wendell would ever have was taking care of his wife, Shirley. She became impaired with severe dementia, and her care is quite complicated. He has managed to keep her in their home, utilizing his daughter Elizabeth & a few loving caregivers. His love for his wife is unparalleled. Wendell became known for how well he took care of his failing Irish Rose. When she could no longer cook, he took her out every single day for breakfast and for dinner. He took the laundry out several times a week, so that Shirley wouldn’t have to worry about clean clothes. He ran errands no matter what the weather, even when family and caregivers tried to do it for him. When his wife couldn’t go out anymore, he would bring her food. There were times he would tenderly place antibiotic cream on a scratch or cut on her hand. During the heavy snows last year, he would be out there shoveling for the caregiver that would be coming in the morning. He didn’t want them to get stuck or fall down. Wendell was an extremely hard worker, and he didn’t feel 89, he would say. He thought he was still that Navy kid most days!

        Survivors include three children: (NAMES REMOVED). Survivors also include 2 brothers (NAMES REMOVED); one sister, (NAME REMOVED). He always felt so sorry for his only sister, the only girl, whom he tried to feed a worm as a young child. Wendell has nine grandchildren: (NAMES REMOVED) Also surviving are nine great grandchildren: (NAMES REMOVED). He also had many nieces and nephews, and many dear friends he met through the Gideons especially. Finally, the caregivers did survive.

        His brother John L. Zumkehr went Home on 03 Jul 2010, and his sister Ruth Virginia Zumkehr, 04 Apr 1928. A granddaughter, who was a U.S. Marine, Heather Williams Chandler, was also called Home on 14 Feb 2006.

        Published in The Lima News from 02 Dec to 03 Dec 2014.


        Here is Heather’s obituary:

        HEATHER ELISABETH WILLIAMS CHANDLER, 27, of Ashburn, Virginia, formerly of Lima, Ohio, died in her sleep February 14, 2006, at her residence. She was born December 28, 1978, in Lima, Ohio to Michael Stephen and Elizabeth Kathryn Zumkehr Williams, who survive in Lima, Ohio. Ms. Chandler was an Arabian linguist for the government in Washington D.C. She was a 1996 graduate of Temple Christian School, where she was an honor student and was on the varsity volleyball team. She was a Marine Corps veteran, joining in 1997, where she graduated with top honors from the Defense Language Institute at the Presidio, Monterey, California. She also enjoyed soccer and was an avid shopper. Her one passion for life was her overwhelming love for her children, who reside with their father Scott (Eryn) Chandler in Charles Town, W.Virginia. She loved her children dearly from the time they were in her womb and being their mom was a great privilege to her. She had been ill for several years and has now gone to be with God and her grandpa. She was a gift from God to her parents. Survivors also include a daughter, Elisabeth “Ellie” Chandler of Charles Town, W. Virginia; a son, Cameron Chandler of Charles Town, W. Virginia; a brother, Chad (Alicia) Williams of Lima, Ohio; a sister, Krista (Kerris) Wright of Louisville, Kentucky; maternal grandparents, Wendell and Shirley Zumkehr of Lima, Ohio; paternal grandmother, Jean Williams of Lima, Ohio; two nephews; two nieces; and her boyfriend of more than two years, Kenneth Foster of Purceville, Virginia, who she had planned to marry. She was preceded in death by her paternal grandfather, Ron Williams. Burial will be in Greenlawn Cemetery, Elida, Ohio.

  4. Lillian Lorena Zumkehr
  5. Rose Marie Zumkehr born February 18, 1901 and died February 13, 1905.
  6. Laura Mae Zumkehr born July 22, 1906. She married Murray Sluss (July 25, 1901 – March 1992) on November 23, 1927. No children. Of note: my research indicates the Sluss family did originally come from the same Schlosser family as our Slussers. His father was Franklin, son of John, son of William Sluss of Maryland who originally came to the Louisville area sometime in the early 1800s. Murray completed his 3rd year of high school and as of 1940 he owned his home at Greentown – Mt Union Road, Marlboro, Stark, Ohio. The home was valued at 5000. Oddly, his income is listed as 0 yet he had worked every week the previous year, and 60 hours the week before the census.
    Follows are their obituaries:

    LAURA M. (ZUMKEHR) SLUSS, age 89, of Louisville, passed away Friday, May 3, 1996 in the Timken Mercy Medical Center.

    Born July 22, 1906 in Louisville, OH where she was a life resident, she was a member of the Werner United Methodist Church in North Canton.

    She is survived by one sister, Lillian Slusser of Louisville and many nieces and nephews, and was preceded in death by her parents, Frederick and Katherine (Warren) Zumkehr; her husband, Murray Sluss in 1992, one sister, Esther Krabill and four brothers, Elmer, William, Albert and Walter Zumkehr.

    Services were held Wednesday at 11 a.m. in the Stier-Israel Funeral Home, Louisville with Rev. Jan Sprague officiating. Interment was in the Fairmount Memorial Park, Alliance. Friends called Tuesday and one hour before services at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the Werner United Methodist Church, 5116 Werner Church NE, N. Canton, OH 44721.
    THE LOUISVILLE HERALD obituary, Louisville, Oh., Thu., 9 May 1996 A.D.

    MURRAY M. SLUSS, age 90, of 7485 State St., Louisville, passed away early Thursday morning, March 26, in Timken Mercy Medical Center.

    Born in Louisville, July 25, 1901, he was a retired employee of the Star Mills in Louisville, a life member of the Werner United Methodist Church and was Sunday School Superintendent for 25 years.

    He was preceded in death by two brothers, Howard and John Sluss; one sister, Hazel Brown, and is survived by his wife, Laura; one sister, Mrs. Ellis (Dorothy) Cunningham of Louisville; two brothers, Donald Sluss of Louisville and Galan Sluss of Huntington, IN.

    Services were held on Monday, March 30, at 11 a.m. in Stier-Israel Funeral Home of Louisville with Rev. Randy Cetorelli officiating. Friends called Sunday. Interment was in Fairmount Memorial Park. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the Werner United Methodist Church.

    –The Louisville Herald, Ohio, Thursday, April 2, 1992

    Great uncle Murray and aunt Laurie lived in a little house at the beginning of the lane to my grandparents house. Unfortunately I don’t remember them much, but I remember always looking at their house to look for them as we drove past. Often they could be found working outside in the garden. Even years after they passed, I still thought of them both as we drove past the small house. Of course, I will always remember aunt Laurie for her continued making of our family Bratzles cookies.

  7. Walter Frederick Zumkehr was born October 5, 1909 and died November 6, 1992. He married Elta May Carper (December 9, 1913) on March 1, 1941. They had no children.
  8. Esther Ann Zumkehr was born March 27, 1914 and died May 21, 1992. On April 7, 1939 in Louisville, Ohio, she married Glen E. Krabill (February 1, 1908 – April 24, 1992 of Louisville, son of David Krabill and Susan Conrad.) They had one son, deceased: Nevin Glenn Krabill born January 1, 1940 and died January 3, 1940 in Louisville. He was born premature. Their other three children as far as I know are living: Lyle D. Krabill, Lavern F Krabill and Lee E. Krabill.


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